We work
& play
every day

Personal. Design.

Autobahn is a creative agency, internationally known for its typographic and research-based approach that connects on a human level.

We use design as a creative strategic tool to develop and evolve businesses.

Every day, we are fully committed to create playful, intelligent and imaginative ideas with our clients. Regardless the size, nature or platform of the project.

​They are highly creative, so be open & prepare to be surprised by their solutions.

— Remy Ludo Gieling

Their design is exciting, challenging and well applied to various flat and 3-dimensional media​.

— Brigitte van der Sande
Independant curator

The Autobahn team has eye and ear for all the wishes of the customer, but they're not docile.

— Mariëlle Pals
Royal Dutch Institute for the Tropics